Stock up on ‘Mr. Grey’s Darker Choice’ at Scala Playhouse


With the upcoming release of ’50 Shades Darker’ fast approaching now is the perfect time to stock up on BDSM-inspired products. In Scala Playhouse’s ‘Mr. Grey’s Darker Choice’ selection you’ll find all the best value for money picks, guaranteed to have Mr. Grey’s approval!

The 50 Shades hype is flaring up again, thanks to the upcoming release of the next movie in the trilogy – 50 Shades Darker – this February. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to maximize your sales potential and stock up on the best BDSM-inspired products from Scala Playhouse’s ‘Mr. Grey’s Darker Choice’ selection today.

The ‘Mr. Grey’s Darker Choice’ selection is a special category on the Scala Playhouse website containing all the best value for money BDSM-inspired choices from own and third-party brands. The Scala Playhouse team has carefully selected products that combine great quality and a very attractive pricing; making them a great pick for consumers to explore the world of kinky pleasure. The special selection includes a great variety of product types, meaning there is a perfect paddle, whip, cuff of eye mask for every preference and every level; from beginners to experienced lovers.

Browse the ‘Mr. Grey’s Darker Choice’ selection at Scala Playhouse online today via and discover the best value for money picks to seduce your consumers with some adventurous intimate fun.

Bathmate Power Rings now ready to order at Scala Playhouse


Go harder and longer with the sensational Power Rings by Bathmate, now ready to order at Scala Playhouse. These solid cock rings will maximize his intimate potential and give him the power to reach new heights of ecstasy. Discover them today at Scala Playhouse.

You might know Bathmate because of its best-selling penis pumps, but that is not all this great brand has to offer! At Scala Playhouse we also stock the sensational Bathmate Power Rings. Choose between three sensational options: the Power Ring Gladiator, Power Ring Spartan and Power Ring Barbarian.

Each ring has its own specific thrills, for example: the Power Ring Spartan has a unique ‘bolt’-like silhouette that provides extra intense stimulation, plus keeps him harder longer. All three of these stretchy cock rings are made from a special Elastomex formula, which is a unique blend of TPR and TPE, making them tough and flexible at the same time. Packaged in a manly, eye-catching way, these rings will definitely appeal to your consumers’ naughty imagination, inviting them to unleash their inner warrior and boosting their stamina to make them go harder and stronger than ever before.

Browse the sexy Bathmate Power Rings at Scala Playhouse online today via and give your consumers the chance to maximize their intimate play with these sensational designs.

Get your puppy play on with Mister B at Scala Playhouse


Find the best accessories for your kinky puppy play in the fantastic Mister B assortment at Scala Playhouse. The brand has some sensational choices that will have your consumers barking with pleasure. Discover them today at Scala Playhouse online!

The Mister B range at Scala Playhouse offers plenty of high quality, trendy fetish-inspired products to get your kink on, including some sensational choices for puppy play. One of the highlights from the range is the Bon4 Dog Tail Buttplug by Mister B. This unique plug has a tapered silhouette, flared base and comes with a naughty dog-shaped tail attached. Made of smooth silicone and designed for playful pleasure, it will have your consumers growling for more. The plug comes packaged in a trendy, modern way and will instantly draw the eye of your adventurous consumers.

Browse the must-have Mister B assortment at Scala Playhouse today via and order your kinky favorites to give your consumers a premium choice in kinky pleasure.

Holiday Closure


To serve you to our utmost ability and ensure timely delivery of your orders over the Christmas period, we would like to advice you about the adjusted delivery times and opening times this holiday season.

Delivery times
All orders that have been placed between 10am (GMT+1) on Friday the 23rd of December and the 26th of December, will be processed on the 27th of December.

Deliveries that are expected to arrive on Monday the 26th of December, will arrive on the Tuesday 27th of December.

Other than that there are no changes in the delivery process due to the Christmas period.

Opening times
Monday     26th of December    closed

We hope to have informed you accordingly. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us during office hours via telephone number +31 36 52 19 000.

A slippery “Mr. Grey’s Darker Choice”


The Hybrid Lubricant by TOYJOY Designer Edition is a smooth lube that adds a pleasurable, long-lasting glide to intimate play. It has a great, affordable pricing that will easily make your consumers want to slip it in with any naughty purchase and its black packaging perfectly matches the 50 Shades hype; offering a slippery “Mr. Grey’s Darker Choice”.

The Hybrid Lubricant by TOYJOY Designer Edition is one of the best-selling lubes from the TOYJOY assortment at Scala Playhouse. The formula was exclusively developed to provide lovers with long-lasting glide that doesn’t get sticky. This water based product is safe to use with any type of toy material and comes in a luxurious black packaging that instantly catches the eye.

This unique Hybrid Lubricant is a perfect choice for consumers who want to get their 50 Shades of Grey on, as its beautiful black bottle is visually a great match for any BDSM-inspired items. And that is not the only plus, as the packaging is also a match with the rest of the TOYJOY Designer Edition assortment; making it a great up-sell item to slip in with any TOYJOY Designer Edition purchase. With a price that is too good to resist, your consumers will definitely be seduced to slip this premium quality lube in their shopping baskets. And when a lube looks and feels this good and tantalizing, we are sure it would have Mr. Grey’s seal of approval.

The Hybrid Lube by TOYJOY Designer Edition is part of Scala Playhouse its ‘Mr. Grey’s Darker Choice’ selection. This online list contains all the best value for money BDSM-related products from the Scala Playhouse assortment. Browse the selection online now via and get your naughty inspiration for your own assortment today!

Get Real by TOYJOY now available at Scala Playhouse


The recently revamped Get Real by TOYJOY collection is now ready to order at Scala Playhouse. The range of ‘natural’ pleasure providers now offers even more realistic silhouettes to thrill your senses. Discover all the new additions today and discover why its time to Get Real by TOYJOY!

The new Get Real by TOYJOY collection has undergone a minor make-over to now offer even more ‘natural’ essentials for your realistics loving consumers. The brand now offers three distinct collections, each targeting a unique audience. The earlier success of Get Real by TOYJOY showed that the market for lifelike pleasure providers is definitely still going strong, meaning that the new additions and further expansion of the collection is absolutely going to thrill your realistics loving consumers.

One of the three new distinct lines in the Get Real by TOYJOY range is the Classics collection. As its name suggest, Classics is all about celebrating our favorite natural silhouettes; shapes and sizes that have proven to be best-sellers in the realistic segment. The Classics collection offers great value for money choices; including designs in a variety of silhouettes like the Mini Smooth, Mini Classic, Mini G-Spot and the Classic Slim. The range also features colors like flesh, purple, black and pink, plus comes in a contemporary packaging.

The newest additions to the revamped Get Real by TOYJOY range are now ready to order at Scala Playhouse via Get online today and browse these lifelike designs and silhouettes. We promise you: these amazing dildos and dongs truly are the real deal when it comes to natural pleasure!

Profit from the limited-time only pjur promotion at Scala Playhouse!


Profit big from the amazing pjur promotion at Scala Playhouse this November. They are giving you – the retailer – a special 10% discount on selected pjur products. This is your ultimate chance to get introduced to this must-have brand of drugstore essentials, so browse the pjur assortment online now and take advantage of this limited-time promotion.

As one of the most popular drugstore brands at Scala Playhouse, pjur has already gathered a worldwide fan base of pleasure loving consumers. Highlights from the pjur assortment are the best-selling pjur lubes. The pjur Original Bodyglide, a super concentrated silicone-based lubricant, has an amazing long-lasting glide and provides sensational slipperiness; right where you want it. If you fancy something less intense, the pjur Light Bodyglide provides the same sensational glide, but with a slightly less slippery effect. Want to play with toys? The pjur Aqua Bodyglide is water-based, meaning you can use it with all your favorite adult novelties. And that is not all. The amazing brand has plenty more thrilling products to ignite your senses like the special pjur Superhero Spray and Superhero Serum; both will help keep him harder, longer, meaning even more hours of intimate play.

The limited-time pjur offer only lasts until the end of November, so don’t wait around and profit from this amazing deal today. The promotion offers an amazing 10% discount on selected pjur products, making it the ultimate occasion to introduce pjur to your consumers, or stock up big on your favorite promotion-included items. Browse the pjur assortment and pjur promotional items at Scala Playhouse today via and take advantage of this great offer while you can.

Connect with Durex at Scala Playhouse


Give your consumers the ultimate chance to connect with their partners with the sensational Durex Lovers Connect at Scala Playhouse. This unique erotic drugstore product is a must-have intimate accessory to couples love lives. Discover it today at Scala Playhouse online!

The Durex Lovers Connect, now ready to order at Scala Playhouse, is a great way for lovers to re-connect their passion and explore each other’s bodies in a sensual way. The product contains two pleasure gels: one for him and one for her, creating a beautiful harmony together. The gel for women has a warming effect, creating a silky smooth glide along with pleasurable heating sensations that will leave her erogenous zones tingling with desire. For him the male gel has a stimulating effect, making him even him harder, whilst covering his intimate hot spots with tingling sensation. When used simultaneously, the gels create a unique dimension of intimate fun. The Durex Lovers Connect is packaged in a trendy, non-intimidating way.

Discover the Durex Lovers Connect at Scala Playhouse today via and order it now to help your consumers connect their intimate desires and explore the joys of intimate play. With a trustworthy name as Durex, and a product this tantalizing, the Durex Lovers Connect makes a solid choice in any erotic drugstore assortment.

Introducing the sensational Ardore: the hottest toy this winter!


Ignite your deepest desires with the unique Ardore heating vibe from the Caresse by TOYJOY range; now ready to order at Scala Playhouse. This beautiful, premium silicone design warms up to a sensational 42 degrees Celsius, adding a pleasurable touch of warmth and heated passion to your intimate adventures.

The new Ardore heavenly heating vibe is a pleasurable choice to add some heat to your love life. The newest design in the elegant Caresse by TOYJOY range has a classic silhouette with a teasing clit stimulator, but comes with an innovative warming function that lets you heat up the intimate fun. The vibrator can be set between 38 and 42 degrees Celsius, creating thrilling sensations of warmth along with its powerful vibes. The chic Ardore is USB-rechargeable, made of premium silicone and comes in a luxurious packaging that you can also use as a keepsake box to store the toy before and after use. As part of the Caresse by TOYJOY range, this vibe combines a beautiful exterior with a powerful interior; bringing you mind-blowing stimulation in a truly elegant and sophisticated silhouette. Indulge your senses with the ultimate choice in erotic luxury; indulge yourself with Caresse by TOYJOY.

The innovative Ardore is now ready to order via Discover this must-have vibe, and its unique heating skills, at Scala Playhouse today and give your consumers the chance to add a touch of warm, indulgent and soft touch luxury to their love lives.

A touch of pure pleasure with Rhea by TOYJOY Designer Edition


The Rhea by TOYJOY Designer Edition is a truly unique touch sensitive vibe. It starts vibrating when in contact with the skin and stops when you move it away. The premium silicone design is perfect for teasing your senses and definitely puts the ‘play’ in foreplay. Discover its touch of pure pleasure today at Scala Playhouse!

The sensational Rhea by TOYJOY Designer Edition is one of the most innovative toys in Scala Playhouse’s assortment. This design features a classic silhouette graduating in size towards the tip and comes with an innovative touch sensor. This touch sensor means that the toy starts to vibrate automatically when in contact with the skin and stops when contact is lost. Touch is everything with the Rhea and is offers many naughty scenarios of foreplay. Tease a lover wild with lust by starting and stopping the vibes playfully, just by moving the Rhea away; no buttons necessary. This intuitive design doesn’t just offer touch control, but also features 7 sensational vibration settings and 3 powerful vibration speeds. The Rhea is USB-rechargeable, made of premium silicone and also comes in a trendy, luxurious packaging that will definitely attract your consumers their attention!

The unique Rhea touch vibe is part of the TOYJOY Designer Edition collection. This range is the perfect choice for customers who desire more: more design, more comfort and more fun! Browse the sensational Rhea – and the rest of the luxurious TOYJOY Designer Edition range – at Scala Playhouse online via today.