Even more backdoor fun with TOYJOY Anal Play

The amazing Curvy Companions Kit is just one of the premium backdoor choices in the Anal Play range by TOYJOY Classics. If your consumers are looking for great quality, affordable toys to explore their anal preferences; this collection is a great match. Go for one of the sleek anal plugs or probes, maybe even spice things up with a naughty prostate stimulator. Anal Play has something for everyone and every entry-level; from beginners to more advanced options.

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Heat up the passion with TOYJOY Drugstore


does taking viagra increase blood pressure Heat up the passion on those cold winter nights with the sensational TOYJOY Warming lube by TOYJOY Drugstore. This great value lube offers a premium experience at a price affordable to all, and is now ready to order at Scala Playhouse.

The TOYJOY Drugstore Warming Lubricant, now available at Scala Playhouse, is an essential choice in sexual wellness for consumers looking to add some heat to their intimate play. The warming, high-quality lube is made of premium, water-based ingredients to ensure a pleasurable long-lasting glide and hot, slippery fun! The Warming Lubricant is 100% safe to use in combination with any type of toy material (including silicone). It comes in a sleek, non-intimidating packaging; perfect for mainstream in-store presentation.

The TOYJOY Warming Lube is part of the best-selling TOYJOY Drugstore collection. This range of wellness essentials is affordable, high-quality, trendy and contemporary: making it the perfect TOYJOY up-sell items for your fun-loving 21st century consumers! Simply slip them in with any TOYJOY purchase and see your sales profit soar. Browse all the exciting options in the TOYJOY Drugstore collection today at Scala Playhouse via www.scalaplayhouse.com and order your favorites now!

Anal fun with Mystim at Scala Playhouse


viagra india reviews Go on a naughty anal adventure with the latest products by Mystim; now ready to order at Scala Playhouse. The Curving Curt, Twisting Tom and Big Bend-It are your new favorite backdoor travel companions, taking you to places you’ve never been before! Discover them now at Scala Playhouse online!

The Mystim assortment at Scala Playhouse offers a sensational choice in electro-stimulation pleasure providers. From sleek vibrators to naughty probes; there is something for every lover of electrifyingly good pleasure. We now stock three new additions that are perfect for a mind-blowing backdoor adventure; introducing the Curving Curt, Twisting Tom and Big Bend-It…

The Mystim Curving Curt is an innovative bi-polar electrosex prostate stimulator. Its curved c-shape, the handy grip ring and Mystim’s unique Flex & Stay technology make Curving Curt excitingly intense. Bend it in any shape you desire and explore all the versatile possibilities! The Twisting Tom is the first ever quattro-polar prostate stimulator in Mystim’s assortment. The 4 poles create two separated stimulation areas: the prostate and the perineum. Its flexible silhouette allows lovers to bend it to any desired shape, creating endless exciting scenarios of intimate play. Just like the Curving Curt and Twisting Tom, the Big Bend-It is a flexible stimulator that takes any shape you desire. This bi-polar electrosex prostate stimulator features 3 oval balls for maximum p-spot stimulation. The Mystim anal pleasure providers are all made of premium silicone, offering a silky soft touch for extra comfort. Packaged in a modern, eye-catching way; these vibes will certainly electrify your consumer’s desires and draw attention in any in-store display.

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Indulgent massages by Swede at Scala Playhouse


tadalafil 20 mg best price Offer your consumers an indulgent feeling of pure bliss with the luxurious Senze Massage Candles by Swede at Scala Playhouse. These herbal aphrodisiacs are perfect for some intimate foreplay, lighting the mood for sensual exploration. Discover them today at Scala Playhouse.

The Senze Massage Candles by drugstore brand Swede are a great herbal aphrodisiac to help lovers get in the mood for some intimate play. The luxurious candles are a formulated from a fine blend of natural waxes, butters, oils and extracts to nourish the skin and indulge the senses. Each Senze candle is carefully fragranced with a special selection of pure essential oils to give it a unique perfume that will fill the room with desire. Light the candle and you’re ready to start your journey of intimate exploration. Once liquefied, the formula turns into a warm, hydrating massage oil with a sensational glide; letting lovers enjoy its rich texture and irresistible aroma. They are re-usable and have a total burn time of more than 36 hours.

At Scala Playhouse we currently stock 5 delicious fragrances of the popular Senze Massage Candles by Swede: Soothing, Spiritual, Teasing, Blissful and Vitalizing. Each scent has its own unique aroma combination. For example: the Vitalizing Senze Massage Candle is formulated from a blend of Lemon, Pepper and Eucalyptus, whilst the Soothing scent offers notes of Spearmint, Rose and Orange.

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Introducing the ‘Bridal’ selection at Scala Playhouse


is it legal to buy viagra online in ireland New at Scala Playhouse: the ‘Bridal’ selection. This special online selection contains Scala Playhouse’s best picks for the upcoming bridal seasons, ranging from own brands to third-party products. The special ‘Bridal’ selection has all the essentials to make your consumers say ‘I do’ to a naughty purchase!

May, June and September are the peak months when it comes to weddings; however, we’ve noticed that consumers start shopping for bridal novelties from January onwards. With stag and hen parties being planned, and gifts being bought months in advance, our advice is to get stock sorted at the beginning of 2017. The sooner you have your bridal products in store, the more prepared you are when the wedding hype hits. The Scala Playhouse ‘Bridal’ selection contains a great range of products for every budget and every experience level. A large portion of the products are picked because they stimulate the ‘joint experience’; meaning both partners can enjoy them simultaneously, or play with them together like sensual massage oils, lingerie, tasty body paints, luxury share vibes and trendy designer toys. We’ve selected products that are great ‘value for money’, non-intimidating and for each entry-level. The selection also includes products for each budget and preference, meaning there is a perfect ‘Bridal’ pick for every couple.

One of the highlights from the ‘Bridal’ selection is the Magic Massager by TOYJOY Classics. This sleek massage wand has all the power your consumers desire, plus a sleek and elegant silhouette that melts effortlessly with your body’s contours. The classic-style USB-rechargeable massage wand shows that pure pleasure doesn’t have to come with a high price-tag; making a sensational massage affordable to all. It’s pure white color scheme is a perfect match with the upcoming bridal season, making this a luxurious present that bride and groom will adore; inviting them to spoil each other with luscious vibrations.

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Light up your winter nights with LUZ by TOYJOY


does cialis for daily use work right away Add a sensual glow to your dark winter nights with the amazing Eclipse cock ring from the LUZ by TOYJOY collection at Scala Playhouse. This trendy ring features a unique multi-colored LED ambiance light that lets you set the mood for some pleasurable, intimate fun in the dark!

The LUZ by TOYJOY collection is the perfect choice to add some playful fun to any toy collection. The quality range of intimate pleasure providers offers various designs, ranging from powerful vibrators to a double ended stimulator. Our favorite to add some heat and glow to your cold, dark winter nights? The sleek Eclipse vibrating cock ring!

The Eclipse from the LUZ by TOYJOY range is a sensational vibrating cock ring with 7 thrilling settings. This contemporary, elegant design is made of premium, soft touch silicone and is a one-size-fits-most. The Eclipse is USB-rechargeable (charging cord included), waterproof and features a chic multi-colored LED ambiance light that lets you set the mood for some sensational, intimate fun in the dark. The LED ambiance light changes color with each settings, inviting lovers to explore all the pleasurable functions in a fun, playful way. Pick your favorite and light up your love life with some thrilling vibrations.

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Get down with ‘The D’ by Doc Johnson at Scala Playhouse


pillola viagra wikipedia Soon available at Scala Playhouse: ’The D’ by Doc Johnson. This new collection of dildos and dongs features some of the brand’s best-selling shapes, reintroduced in a sleek clamshell packaging. Browse the newest additions by ‘the Doc’ at Scala Playhouse today!

The new ‘The D’ collection by Doc Johnson, soon ready to order at Scala Playhouse, is all about celebrating successful silhouettes. The designs emulate classic fun, combined with state-of-the-art materials and trendy accents. The best part? ‘The D’ collection offers consumers a very attractive pricing, making these Doc Johnson favorites affordable for all.

Doc Johnson’s VP of Sales and Marketing Scott Watkins said: “The D offers customers the best of both worlds – our most luxurious formula of rubber in crowd-pleasing designs, with top-quality construction and affordable price point”, emphasizing that these thrilling novelties truly offer a fantastic ‘value for money’ experience.

The collection features over 40 different products, ranging from sleek dildos to girthy dongs and naughty double dongs. The designs come in three colors: Vanilla, Caramel and Chocolate. Browse this new, must-have collection of pleasure providers by ‘the Doc’ at Scala Playhouse today via www.scalaplayhouse.com and get ready to get down with ‘The D’.

New American Bombshell at Scala Playhouse


ez online pharmacy buy levitra usa Great news for fans of the best-selling American Bombshell collection by Doc Johnson. The range has just been extended with a great selection of red hot designs! These cherry colored beauties are must-have for any lovers of girth, length and rubber. Discover them at Scala Playhouse today!

The new cherry tinted additions to the American Bombshell by Doc Johnson range feature the same silhouettes as their gun-metal counterparts from the collection, but now have a new, alluring color that will certainly catch the attention of your consumers. The American Bombshell assortment at Scala Playhouse not only offers 2 colors, but also a great range of silhouettes and shapes; from butt plugs to probes and dongs. With a total of 48 designs to choose from, there is a matching American Bombshell for every preference. Made of premium, phthalate-free PVC and packaged in a trendy, eye-catching way; the newest colorful additions to the American Bombshell range are ready to pop your cherry!

You can browse the new cherry colored designs, plus the rest of the thrilling American Bombshell range by Doc Johnson, at Scala Playhouse online now via www.scalaplayhouse.com.

A taste of indulgence with Gelato by System JO


how to get free samples of viagra online Give your intimate pleasure a taste of indulgence this winter with the luxurious Gelato range by System JO. These flavored lubes will warm your senses with their unique flavors, heating up your cold winter nights. Discover the collection at Scala Playhouse today!

levitra made in india  The amazing Gelato collection from the H2O Flavored Lube range by System JO gives consumers a choice between 5 truly indulgent flavored lubricants, inspired by sweet and seductive Italian gelato. These lubricants distinguish themselves from others on the market with their unique flavor combinations. Choose between Hazelnut Espresso, Mint Chocolate, Crème Brûlée, Tiramisu and Salted Caramel, letting them caress and arouse your senses with their heart warming taste. These water based lubes are great for couples who want to add a flavorsome dimension to their intimate play, combining premium quality ingredients with a very attractive pricing. As these lubes are water based, they can be used with any type of toy material; meaning you can now combine your favorite vibe with your favorite flavor. The Gelato lubes comes packaged in a non-intimidating, trendy package that is easy to use and will definitely catch the eye of your consumers. Scala Playhouse currently stocks the indulgent Gelato range in both 30ml and 120ml versions; the small version being the perfect, travel-sized accessory for oral pleasure on the go.

Discover the new Hazelnut Espresso, Mint Chocolate, Crème Brûlée, Tiramisu and Salted Caramel H2O Flavored Lubes by System JO at Scala Playhouse online via www.scalaplayhouse.com. Order your favorites today and give your consumers the most pleasure taste in oral fun this winter with the indulgent Gelato collection.

Rockin’ pleasure by Fetish Fantasy at Scala Playhouse


Coming soon to Scala Playhouse: the Rockin’ Chair from the Fetish Fantasy range by Pipedream. This unique love chair truly offers the ride of your life, rocking your intimate areas with thrilling vibrations and mind-blowing stimulation.

The new Rockin’ Chair is one piece of furniture your consumers will not be able to get enough of. When something feels so good, they’ll never want to get up again. The Rockin’ Chair from the Fetish Fantasy collection by Pipedream features a perfectly positioned clitoral stimulator, mounted on an ergonomic rocking set. Simple sit down and start rocking yourself towards a sensational climax. As the Rockin’ Chair is electric, connected by an extra-long power cord and international adapter, it delivers incredible powerful vibrations. The vibrating seat and is completely coated in soft touch silicone for the most comfortable experience. Packaged in an eye-catching way, this Rockin’ Chair will instantly draw the attention of your consumers with its unique appeal.

Two other new additions in the Fetish Fantasy collection are the International Extreme Sex Machine and the International Couples Sex Machine; the ultimate travel-friendly pleasure kits. Each set includes a portable sex machine with a universal power adapter, suitable for any power outlet – anywhere in the world. Both sets also come with a variety of attachments, such as a King Cock dildo and other thrilling accessories.

Discover the amazing new Rockin’ Chair, Extreme Sex Machine and International Couples Sex Machine from Pipedream’s Fetish Fantasy range – plus each design’s own unique skills and thrills – at Scala Playhouse online today via www.scalaplayhouse.com.