Attend Scala’s University and learn everything about your favorite brands


New at the Scala Fair: Scala’s University. At the unique Scala’s University sessions you will be given free lessons, teaching you everything you need to know about the brand’s history, its products, various sales techniques and exciting upsell possibilities. The Scala’s University sessions will take place during the Scala Fair on the 6th of 7th of September, at our Scala Playhouse office in Almere, The Netherlands.

This is the very first time that we are hosting Scala’s University live and the program is already promising to be a great success. We have a great selection of our must-have brands that will share their inside knowledge with you, the adult novelties retailers. There are many exciting names that will host a special Scala University session, including Jimmyjane, CalExotics, Pipedream, NS Novelties, Rocks-Off and System JO. We even have an extra special ‘VIP’ session hosted by Scala Playhouse itself; where you can make the difference to our products and assortment.

Each brand will have its own, unique approach. For example: CalExotics will dive further into their newest feature CalExotics Institute, where you can learn about CalExotics its wide assortment by watching online videos and build-up your knowledge, allowing you to sell even more of its must-have products. Another exciting session is hosted by Pipedream. The brand is taking the opportunity to introduce you to its latest, must-have collections such as the exclusive Icicles Gold Edition and their new C-Ringz line of innovative cock rings. Pipedream will also share its tips and tricks on how to market Pipedream products in the most effective way possible to guarantee maximum sales results!

The Scala University sessions are free to attend and are available on a first come- first serve basis. Each session has a limited number of attendees and registration is therefore required. To enroll into Scala’s University, please use the following link to view the program and select the sessions you wish to attend:

This exciting possibility to extend your knowledge and therefore boost your sales is one of the highlights of our upcoming Scala Fair themed ‘Tropical Temptations’. The Almere-based showroom will open its doors on both days from 9 am to 6 pm. We hope to see you there!

Get ready to hop with pleasure!


Exciting news from TOYJOY: it’s launching a very special collection of pleasure providers! The new line titled ‘The Rabbits by TOYJOY’ will feature various exciting new rabbit-style vibrators, plus a re-branded selection of TOYJOY’s best-selling rabbit vibrators.

The Rabbits by TOYJOY will be officially revealed during the upcoming Scala Fair. We are sure this new collection will have your consumers hopping with intimate pleasure; and you bouncing for joy by its sales figures!

We can give you a sneak preview of what to expect. One of the most innovative designs in the upcoming The Rabbits by TOYJOY collection will be the Up&Down Up&Down vibrator. This state-of-the-art vibrator features bi-directional rotating pleasure beads, a sensational clit stimulator and comes with an additional thrilling thrusting function. The Up&Down Up&Down is just one of the many must-have designs in this brand-new range.

Discover all The Rabbits by TOYJOY at the upcoming ‘Tropical Temptations’ Scala Fair on the 6th and 7th of September and get ready to hop with pure pleasure!

Let the pleasure iCome to you!


The entire iCome by TOYJOY collection is now available at Scala Playhouse! This innovative range of state-of-the-art pleasure providers is a must-have for all your gadget-loving consumers! The iCome by TOYJOY collection offers vibrating bullets and eggs; all with a USB-powered plug & play function.

If you like sleek, contemporary design; you will love iCome by TOYJOY! The collection boasts lustful power and modern aesthetics. All the iCome by TOYJOY pleasure providers are plug & play: just connect them via a USB-port and enjoy the high-performance vibrations and pulsations. The collection offers consumers the choice between various sized bullets and eggs; and even comes with the options of a control capsule and an energy pack. The energy pack gives the user an extra pleasurable boost, even when there is no USB-port within reach.

The high-quality iCome by TOYJOY collection is now fully available at Scala Playhouse in the colors black and purple. Order your favorites today and let the pleasure iCome to you!

Teach Kendra Sunderland a naughty lesson in love making!


The Kendra Sunderland collection by Pipedream – nicknamed ‘The Library Girl collection’ – is now ready to order at Scala Playhouse. This unique range offers end-users the chance to get up-close and personal with internet sensation Kendra Sunderland; who went viral when she filmed a naughty webcam show at her University’s library.

This 19-year old beauty with brains needs a new study buddy; will your consumers do her the honors? The Kendra Sunderland collection contains three exciting products: the Library Girl Love Doll, The Library Girl Eager Beaver stroker and the Library Girl Cutie Booty stroker.

The Library Girl Love Doll is made of vinyl and based on Kendra’s own seductive curves and beautiful body. Both the Eager Beaver and Cutie Booty strokers are made of Pipedream’s famous, super soft Fanta Flesh. The strokes are tight, squeezable, warm and body-safe. They are modelled on Kendra’s intimate anatomy; giving the end-user the most realistic encounter with this sassy student possible!

Order your selection of the Kendra Sunderland Library Girl collection at Scala Playhouse now and give your consumers the chance to teach this sexy student a naughty lesson in love making! You also have the possibility to view the exciting Library Girl collection at the Pipedream booth at the upcoming Scala Fair on the 6th and 7th of September.

Dress up your eyes with Baci Eyelashes


Scala Playhouse doesn’t just stock the seductive designs by Baci Lingerie, it also has a great selection of Baci Eyelashes; which completes any sexy look! Discover the must-have Baci Eyelashes collection and allow your customers to dress up their eyes to match their lingerie!

The Baci Eyelashes collection at Scala Playhouse is a high-quality range of eye lashes, ranging from elegant basics to daring multi-colored looks embellished with luxurious rhinestone detailing. The collection even has various special designs with delicate feather detailing; which will make any lover flutter with desire!

The designs by Baci Eyelashes are easy to apply and can be re-used. They make the perfect cross-sale products when you’re retailing lingerie or erotic clothing. Discover the entire range of Baci Eyelashes and the matching Baci Lingerie choices at the Baci booth during the upcoming Scala Fair on the 6th and 7th of September, or view them online at Scala Playhouse via

The hottest place to be this September!


The ‘Tropical Temptations’ themed Scala Fair is only one month away! On the 6th and 7th of September the Almere-based Scala Playhouse showroom will be transformed into the hottest place to be. Are you ready for deals and offers that are almost too hot to handle?

Get ready to be seduced at the upcoming ‘Tropical Temptations’ Scala Fair by amazing deals, colorful decorations and the hottest entertainment. The Scala Playhouse will open their doors on both days from 9 am to 6 pm. Cancel any other plans and get ready for another must-visit Scala Fair!

Our showroom will be transformed into ‘the hottest place to be’ on the 6th and 7th of September. As with every fair, we will pay great attention to detail; meaning you can expect to see a lot of colorful tropical elements throughout! Prepare to be amazed by the sizzling look & feel of the showroom and get ready to be seduced by all the exciting new products! And we are once again organizing several fun and playful competitions that will enable you to score some fabulous rewards. We can’t reveal the details yet, but can ensure you; it’s worth getting competitive for! You also will have the option to score the hottest deals in our famous Cash and Carry; which will open its doors on both days of the fair from 9pm to 6pm. Get there early in order not to miss out on the best offers!

At the upcoming fair we will host a very special live ‘Scala’s University’. Pre-register online to attend various unique training sessions by our most popular brands themselves! Learn how to maximize your product sales and in-store presentation impact. And a Scala Fair wouldn’t be complete without a Scala Party! On Sunday evening, the 6th of September, you can enjoy a very hot, tropical themed evening in our Scala Playhouse showroom restaurant. Mark the date in your agenda and get ready to dance the night away!

Stock-up at Scala Playhouse for World Orgasm Day!


On each day, an average of 2.5 billion lovers enjoy a thrilling climax; that’s roughly 1.5 million orgasms per second! To celebrate the magic of our orgasms, World Orgasm Day was announced. Celebrate it on the 8th of August together with Scala Playhouse and stock-up on some guaranteed orgasm providers!

The ability to reach an orgasm must be one the best features of our own human bodies! World Orgasm Day was founded to celebrate exactly that delicious body energy and the delight of all our orgasms. Celebrate this day together with Scala Playhouse and stock-up on the Soft Touch Body Wand by Mae B and the Stimul8 Orgasm Cream; both ready to order!

The Soft Touch Body Wand by Mae B is a great choice for any lover. The high-quality silicone design allows users to indulge themselves with an erotic massage; with the choice of various sensational vibration settings. Slowly tease yourself or each other towards an amazing climax. To help increase your intimate pleasure even further; add a few drops of Orgasm Cream by Stimul8. This delightful drugstore product boasts various stimulating ingredients that increase the blood flow to the genitalia and enhance sensitivity; making each stroke and vibration even more sensational! The Orgasm Cream by Stimul8 is available in both a male and female version.

Discover these amazing, ready to order products at Scala Playhouse online via and stock-up today to receive your items before World Orgasm Day kicks off!

Fleshlight is heating things up at Scala Playhouse!


Now in stock at Scala Playhouse: the unique Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer. This must-have accessory to the Fleshlight collection is guaranteed to heat things up; ensuring a very hot, realistic session with your favorite male masturbator sleeve!

The brand new Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer is the perfect accessory to heat up your Fleshlight pleasure! How does it work? Simply plug the Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer in a power outlet – using the USB-cable or charger that is included with the product – and mount your Fleshlight masturbator sleeve on the upright rod. In less than five minutes the internal SuperSkin™ texture of your Fleshlight will reach a temperature of 40° Celsius (105° Fahrenheit). Then take the sleeve off, unplug the Sleeve Warmer from the power outlet and you’re ready to play!

This new Fleshlight upgrade product is the hottest cross-sale item you can offer your Fleshlight consumers. It is now ready to order at Scala Playhouse! If you’re curious about the actual look and feel of this must-have Fleshlight upgrade, be sure to stop by the Fleshlight stand at the upcoming Scala Fair on the 6th and 7th of September!

Discover the Special Edition AFTERGLOW by Jimmyjane


Now in stock at Scala Playhouse: the Special Edition AFTERGLOW Cacao + Fig massage candle by Jimmyjane. It is a delightful, luxurious indulgence in erotic wellness. Light AFTERGLOW to enjoy its delicious scent and spoil your senses!

The AFTERGLOW massage candle comes in a variety of delightful fragrances such as Pink Lotus, Bourbon and is now also available at Scala Playhouse the Special Edition Cacao + Fig version. When lit, lovers can drizzle the warm oil over the erogenous zones to start a very seductive massage.

Each AFTERGLOW candle comes in an elegant porcelain container featuring a smart pour spout in the corner; allowing lovers to pour the warm oil with pin-point precision without spillage. The candle has an innovative formula that allows it to liquefy into smooth massage oil at body temperature. This allows the oil to always be pleasantly warm, without the risk of it heating up too much. AFTERGLOW has an average burn time of 32 hours and can be re-used after each session. Jimmyjane now has released a Special Edition Cacao + Fig edition of AFTERGLOW. This candle combines two unique fragrances in one beautiful product. The cacao and fig aromas intertwine and create a scent that will definitely delight your consumers’ senses.

Discover AFTERGLOW and be seduced by this high-end product by quality brand Jimmyjane at Scala Playhouse online via If you want to sample AFTERGLOW yourself, be sure to visit the upcoming Scala Fair on the 6th and 7th of September and stop by Jimmyjane’s booth in the Scala Playhouse showroom!

Designed for his ultimate pleasure!


The amazing Robo Cock Sucker, an automatic stroking masturbator, is now available at Scala Playhouse in a must-have new packaging. The re-branded product from the TOYJOY Manpower range offers thrilling hands-free fun and is designed for his ultimate pleasure!

The Robo Cock Sucker has many sensational settings; which will tease and please him to new heights. The masturbator features pleasurable beads that will stroke him up and down, while the tight fit and soft opening guarantee a realistic experience. The Robo Cock Sucker is now ready to order at Scala Playhouse in a new, re-designed packaging that will certainly draw the attention of your consumers. This great value stroking masturbator comes with a wired control, allowing him to easily and effortlessly adjust the settings to his personal preference.

The Robo Cock Sucker is body-safe and made of quality ABS. This innovative design is just one of the many exciting new and re-branded items from the TOYJOY Manpower range. Discover the collection at Scala Playhouse today and allow your consumer to explore their masculinity and get adventurous with TOYJOY Manpower!