Do the Robot at the ‘Welcome to the Future’ Scala Party


On the 4th of September, on the first day of the ‘Welcome to the Future’ Scala Fair, Scala Playhouse will once again host a fantastic Scala Party in its Almere-based showroom-restaurant. The dancefloor will be waiting, so you’d better start practicing your best ‘Robot’ moves.

 A Scala Fair wouldn’t be complete without an amazing Scala Party to match. Therefore on Sunday the 4th of September we will organize a brilliant party where you can unwind, catch up with old friends and new acquaintances. Part of the ‘Welcome to the Future’ Scala Fair, the Scala Party is the place where you can let your hair down and enjoy the friendly, informal atmosphere the party always offers. We have some fabulous entertainment and music lined up to keep you entertained all evening long. We hope you’ll join us at this festive occasion to raise the glass to mutual successes.

The Scala Party is just one of the highlights of the upcoming ‘Welcome to the Future’ Scala Fair. Besides this evening of fun and entertainment, the Scala Fair will also offer amazing deals, great offers, big prize-competitions, a fully stocked Cash & Carry and the chance to catch up with your favorite suppliers and brand representatives. There will be plenty of exciting events during both days of the Scala Fair to keep you entertained, plus our Sales team will be at your every call to assist you with any questions you might have. Make sure to mark the dates in your agenda (so that’s the 4th and 5th of September), as we can’t wait to see you there and welcome you to the future!

Electrify your intimate play with Mystim at Scala Playhouse


Electrify your intimate play with the amazing Mystim pleasure providers, now ready to order at Scala Playhouse. The Tickling Truman, Sizzling Simon and Electric Eric e-stim vibes combine lustful vibrations with sensational stimulation; they will awaken your senses in a truly unique way.

These Tickling Truman, Sizzling Simon and Electric Eric are sensational highlights from the must-have Mystim assortment at Scala Playhouse, bundling thrilling vibration and electrical stimulation in one, mind-blowing experience. These incredible vibrators can be used without the need for a nerve stimulator kit; meaning they are just waiting to be turned on and let loose.

The Tickling Truman, Sizzling Simon and Electric Eric all have two motors: one in the tip and one in the shaft, meaning double the pleasure! Choose between 8 different vibration programs and 5 intensity levels. The vibrations are already very thrilling, but if you want even more stimulation, turn on the E-Stim function. The E-Stim Vibe’s 5 electrical stimulation programs and 10 different levels of intensity add a whole new dimension to your intimate play. Each vibe has a conductive surface running along the length of the shaft to make the stimulation travel all over the toy, and all over your erogenous zones. The vibes even have a training program that aims to strengthen the muscles in your pelvic floor, which can result in even more mind-blowingly good orgasms. The wide variety of functions on these E-Stim designs are easily controlled via the buttons in the handle, plus users can choose whether they want E-stim and vibration together or separately. The Tickling Truman, Sizzling Simon and Electric Eric also feature a built-in long-life lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable via a Mystim magnet charge USB-cable (included).

The Tickling Truman, Sizzling Simon and Electric Eric are ready to order at Scala Playhouse via Your consumers will be shocked – in a good way – by how pleasurable E-stimulation can feel thanks to Mystim.

The Scala Fair is coming…


Have you already marked the dates of the upcoming Scala Fair in your agenda? On the 4th and 5th of September the Scala Playhouse Almere-based showroom into a spectacular ‘Welcome to  the Future’ themed fair. Prepare to be blown-away by amazing offers, innovative new releases, spectacular prize-competitions and of course delicious hospitality.

What can you expect of the upcoming ‘Welcome to the Future’ Scala Fair on the 4th and 5th of September? Well, we at Scala Playhouse can’t reveal all the details just yet, but we can give you a glimpse into the future…First of all, our famous Cash & Carry is back! One of the highlights of each Scala Fair, the Cash & Carry has become a firm favorite amongst visitors as the place to score some incredible deals on wide array of products, ranging from toys to DVDs and drugstore. The doors to the Cash & Carry will open on both days from 9am to 6pm, and we encourage you to get there early if you want to bag yourself the best offers. Excited yet? We certainly are! A visit to the Scala Fair becomes even more alluring knowing that our experienced Sales team is there to help you select the best products for your store. With the lovely assistance of our knowledgeable Sales team, making your way around the showroom becomes a real journey of profitable discovery. At Scala Playhouse we really like to spoil our Scala Fair visitors. We don’t just do that by handing out amazing offers and hosting spectacular prize-competitions; we also make sure you’re able to snack on delicious food and enjoy tasty drinks from our showroom-stands and showroom-restaurant.

We can’t wait to say ‘Welcome to the Future’ to our amazing Scala Fair on the 4th and 5th of September. We hope you’ll join us to make it the best fair yet. See you there!

The Nikki Benz Fleshlight has already arrived at Scala Playhouse


Great news for fans of the Fleshlight Girls collection: the latest addition – the naughty Nikki Benz masturbator – has now arrived at Scala Playhouse. Discover Nikki’s thrilling curves today and give your consumers the chance to get up-close and personal with their favorite porn star.

The brand new Nikki Benz masturbator from the Fleshlight Girls collection at Scala Playhouse gives men the chance to have their own very ‘personal’ encounter with porn’s newest ‘It’ girl. The high quality masturbator is custom molded on Nikki’s actual anatomy and will take users on the intimate ride of their life! Nikki Benz has established herself as a world-class porn star whose looks and personality are a lethal combination of unrivaled sexuality. You may know her from her frequent appearances in Brazzers films or from when she ran for Mayor of Toronto (the city that she hails from) but if you know anything about her, you know this Ukrainian beauty loves sex any way she can have it. Her naughty Fleshlight gives consumers the chance to experience her curves in a sinful way they never believed possible. The masturbator’s interior is made of the unique Fleshlight SuperSkin, giving users the most lifelike experience imaginable.

Discover the new Nikki Benz Fleshlight at Scala Playhouse online via and order it today to give your consumers the chance to create their own intimate rendezvous with the hottest porn star of the moment!

Red-hot BDSM pleasure with Evolved at Scala Playhouse


Spice up your fetish assortment with the must-have BDSM-inspired products from the Adam & Eve range by Evolved. From sinful floggers and alluring masks; the collection offers a naughty match for every consumer. Discover all the kinky Evolved options at Scala Playhouse today.

 The Scarlet Couture collection from the Adam & Eve range by Evolved is the latest range of kinky pleasure providers to have arrived at Scala Playhouse. The collection is designed for lovers who dare to go beyond ‘vanilla’. This sizzling collection contains fetish must-haves that will thrill your senses and pleasure all your hot spots. The range has a high end look and feel; perfect for BDSM lovers who want quality and great aesthetics.

Get kinky with the luxurious Scarlet Couture Duo Crop & Flogger, made of premium leather and featuring luxurious diamond quilted stitching on the handle. Or explore your sexual desires with the amazing Scarlet Couture Bondage Kit, which includes a sexy eye-mask, silk-ties and a naughty whip with a tickling feather at the other end. The entire Scarlet Couture collection has a chic black and red color scheme, making it a unisex choice for all your consumers, regardless of gender or sexual preference.

Discover all the items in the must-have Scarlet Couture collection today via and order your red-hot favorites at Scala Playhouse today!

A slippery adventure with Cobeco at Scala Playhouse


Enjoy a sensational slippery adventure with the new Cobeco Body Lubes, now ready to order at Scala Playhouse. These rebranded versions of your favorite Cobeco glide now come in even larger packages; proving that bigger really is better. Discover them today at Scala Playhouse. 

Great news for Cobeco fans: the new, extra large, rebranded versions of your favorite Cobeco Body Lubes from Cobeco Pharma are now available to order. The brand’s three favorite lubes: the Body Lube water-based, Anal Lube water-based and Body Lube silicone-based now come in 500ml and 1000ml bottles. These bottles are big, black and simply beautiful. The sleek appearance and large sizing will instantly draw the attention of your consumers, making it a great choice for eye-catching in-store presentation. The Cobeco Body Lube collection is known for its premium ingredients, combined with long-lasting glide and silky smooth texture. If you love this lube, but don’t require such a big amount, it is good to known these lubes will also remain available in their best-selling 50ml, 100ml, 150ml and 250ml bottles.

Explore all the amazing Body Lubes in the Cobeco Pharma assortment at Scala Playhouse online via and order your favorites now for a deliciously slippery adventure that will see fantastic sales profits glide right into your pocket.

Hylo and Enya back in stock at Scala Playhouse


The amazing Hylo and Enya vibes from the luxurious Caresse by TOYJOY collection are now in stock at Scala Playhouse. These beautiful vibes are a pure indulgence for your pleasure loving consumers, so order them today before they sell-out!

Indulge your consumers with the ultimate choice in erotic luxury; indulge them with the Caresse by TOYJOY pleasure providers. The Hylo and Enya – both introduced earlier this year – are two superb G-spot vibes that offer double the pleasure. They target the G-spot with a powerful thrusting motion, while simultaneously caressing the clitoris with their naughty clit stimulators. These elegant choices from the Caresse by TOYJOY collection feature twin-motors, 5 incredible vibration speeds and chic chrome-look detailing. They are waterproof, USB-rechargeable (charging cord included) and made of premium quality silicone; which feels silky smooth to the touch.

The Hylo and Enya are now ready to order at Scala Playhouse via, so get browsing today and order these beauties now to give your consumers the ultimate choice in erotic indulgence and intimate luxury!

The FORM 8 has arrived at Scala Playhouse!


Exciting news: the Jimmyjane FORM 8 has arrived at Scala Playhouse! This new, ready to order design is the latest innovative design from the high-end American brand Jimmyjane, offering the ultimate feeling of erotic luxury and pleasure.

The FORM 8 is a rabbit-style vibrator with three powerful motors for maximum stimulation. This luxurious design is also flexible: it bends to match your body’s contours and will no doubt hit all the right spots! The design offers the end-user the same amazing abilities, intuitive controls and quality feeling that Jimmyjane is famous for. The innovative toys from the FORM collection have already scooped up many awards and we at Scala Playhouse are sure that this new addition is prize-winning material!

Discover all the features of FORM 8 at Scala Playhouse online via and order the pink and plum colored FORM 8 instantly to give your consumers the ultimate choice in erotic, high-end luxury!

Enjoy your own adventure with TOYJOY Designer Edition


Getting sexually adventurous doesn’t just mean whips, paddles or threesomes. Sometimes getting adventurous can be as simple as trying a new type of toy you haven’t experienced before. TOYJOY Designer Edition has just the right adventurous – yet non-intimidating – products to thrill him, and her, and both of them, to new heights of sexual pleasure…

TOYJOY Designer Edition is a collection full of innovative pleasure providers that will thrill lovers with their unique functions and features. With so many amazing designs to choose from, we’ve listed some of our favorites for him, her and both of them together!

For him: think outside of the box and try a prostate massager for a very pleasurable intimate adventure. The Xeno is a premium vibrating prostate massager with thrilling vibrations by TOYJOY Designer Edition. This USB-rechargeable pleasure provider will amaze lovers with its sensational 8 pulsating functions and powerful multispeed vibrations. The ergonomically designed massager will hit

For her: the Rhea by TOYJOY Designer Edition might look like a classic vibe, but it’s hiding a very adventurous secret: it is touch-sensitive. This means it starts vibrating when in contact with the skin and stops when contact is lost. The USB-rechargeable design has a sleek, modern silhouette with a slight bulbous tip and is made of premium, soft touch silicone.

For both: make your sexual adventures go even smoother with the sleek Hybrid Lube by TOYJOY Designer Edition. It creates a pleasurable, long-lasting glide and can be used in combination with any kind of toy-material. This limited-edition water-based lubricant is the ultimate cross-sale item: as both the product, as the packaging complement the luxurious toys from the TOYJOY Designer Edition range.

Discover what naughty adventures TOYJOY Designer Edition has in store for your consumers and browse the collection at Scala Playhouse today via

Get kissed by Swan at Scala Playhouse


Now ready to order at Scala Playhouse: the new Swan Kiss Squeeze. This innovative pleasure provider by Swan is a revolutionary new take on pleasure: simply putting the control in the palm of your hand. Discover it today and give your consumers the chance to get kissed by this must-have design.

The Swan Kiss Squeeze Control is now available in the colors pink and teal at Scala Playhouse. This unique design marks a new way of controlling your intimate fun. The unique stimulator has an intuitive and simple control option, based on pressure. To put it simply: the stronger you squeeze the design, the stronger it will please you with its rumbly vibrations. The compact silhouette curves with your body, providing comfortable and sensational stimulation right where you want it. The Swan Kiss Squeeze Control is made of premium silicone; coating the entire product with a virtually seamless finish. It is also waterproof and fully submersible, making a session in the bath tub a very alluring prospect. The Swan Kiss Squeeze Control is USB-rechargeable and comes with a chic storage pouch as a luxurious little extra.

The new Swan Kiss Squeeze Control is one of three new designs added to the best-selling Swan collection. The other additions – the Swan Hug and Swan Curve –have the same innovative squeeze controlled features as the Swan Kiss and are also available in the colors pink and teal. Discover these new must-have vibes by Swan today at Scala Playhouse online via and let your consumers squeeze themselves to sweet ecstasy.