Holiday closing


Due to various public holidays, Scala Playhouse will be closed on the 5th, the 14th and the 15th of May. During these days, we will not be available to take your calls or process your orders, so please take this into account when ordering for the coming period. Thank you for your understanding!

Scala Playhouse on path to conquer Scandinavia


Scala Playhouse is going Scandinavian! On the 15th, 16th and 17th of April it will attend the new Nordic Erotic Expo in Aarhus, Denmark. During the very first edition of this tradeshow, Scala Playhouse will present several of its own brands, including the popular Cute by TOYJOY collection, to the Nordic Erotic Expo audience.

The Nordic Erotic Expo is a newly founded tradeshow, which will focus on several adult novelty categories, such as toys, lingerie, fetish and DVD. Scala Playhouse is proud to announce it will be present and sees it as a great chance to introduce TOYJOY on the Scandinavian market.

Scala Playhouse has developed various new and exciting products, which they are confident, will be received very positively by the audience. The five luxurious TOYJOY Just For You boxes, labeled No1 to No5, will be just a few of the showstoppers. Just like Cute by TOYJOY, the unique toy collection with 8 different pleasure providers that look sweet, but have strong vibrations. Scala Playhouse will also give the audience a taste of the recently extended TOYJOY Designer Edition range, the fun and playful TOYJOY Classics line, the young and great value for money TOYJOY Funky collection and the soft touch Lovely Vibes products from Mae B.

Berry Koldewijn, Director of Scala Playhouse: “The Nordic Erotic Expo is a great opportunity to present our brands to a new audience. Scala Playhouse aims to be a frontrunner in the erotic industry, so attending the very first edition of this tradeshow is a great chance to venture into new territories. We’re confident the show will be a big success and hope to meet many new customers, and catch up with our existing ones. We hope to see you there!”

Have a very Cute Easter!


An egg-hunt in your back garden or painting boiled eggs for decoration? Don’t be daft! This Easter there are only two eggs you need; Bibi and Lulu – the vibrating pleasure providers from Cute by TOYJOY.  

Easter has always been a cute holiday; soft pastel colors, bunnies, flowers beginning to bloom, it all screams ‘adorable’. This makes it the perfect time to upgrade your in-store assortment or personal toy collection with the Cute by TOYJOY range. It offers 8 different pleasure providers, each with their own unique skills and vibes.

Bibi and Lulu are both vibrating eggs from this unique collection, each with their own characteristics. While Lulu comes with a remote control, Bibi likes to stay close to your body with a wired control. Both these beautiful, fun designs are made of 100% pure silicone and feel soft to the skin, yet powerful in use. Lulu and Bibi are available in soft toned purple, pink, blue and yellow.

Discover these pleasure providers and the rest of the Cute by TOYJOY collection today at Scala Playhouse via and make sure you’re prepared for not just the cutest, but also the most pleasurable Easter you’ve ever had!

Travel in style with TOYJOY


Travel in style with the new Travel C-Sense and Travel G-Sense: two new vibrating stimulators in the TOYJOY Classics assortment. They make the perfect travel companions, thanks to their small and discreet design. Choose your favorite and simply slip it in your hand luggage to take the pleasure with you, wherever you’re traveling!

The Travel C-Sense has a textured tip for extra clitoral stimulation, 4 pulsation functions and 3 vibration speeds. The Travel G-Sense has 2 tips that provide pleasure in stereo, 4 pulsation speeds and 3 vibration speeds. Their USB-charge means that you can power them up quickly via a laptop or a universal charger. Both designs are completely body-safe and easy to control via a one-touch button.

Discover these innovative additions to the TOYJOY Classics collection online at Scala Playhouse via

The latest in bondage survival gear!


BDSM with a military twist, that’s the new Kinky Camo Bondage collection by NS Novelties – now ready to order at Scala Playhouse. ‘The latest in bondage survival gear’, Kinky Camo is just waiting to be discovered by your customers!

The collection offers all the essentials for a naughty bondage session. For example: when a bit of discipline is in order, the padded, dual sided Kinky Camo paddle is the perfect way to get your lover’s attention. If you don’t want them to see the punishment coming, use the Kinky Camo blindfold to play a game of sensory deprivation. And with the sight taken away, the other senses will heighten: meaning your lover will experience discipline on a whole new pleasurable level.

The collection includes a collar and leash set, wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, a hog tie, a blindfold, a riding crop, a paddle and a ball gag. The Kinky Camo range is now ready to order at Scala Playhouse via

New at Scala Playhouse: System JO

wk14_SystemJo_400x300Introducing System JO: an exciting, innovative brand in sensual care products. System JO produces high-quality drugstore items, which are body-safe, recommended by doctors and made of pure pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Scala Playhouse now stocks various must-have System JO lines, ranging from flavored lubricants to arousal serums. 

System JO is a division of United Consortium, a healthcare supplier with over 30 years of experience in the global medical market. In 1999, a group of doctors asked United Consortium to develop a new silicone lubricant for women suffering from vaginal dryness. The lubricant they developed was so smooth and effective that soon their clients began requesting it for use in the bedroom.

That’s when United Consortium realized there was a void in the sensual care market. People wanted high-quality products made with pure ingredients. They wanted the best. They deserved the best. And System JO was born.

System JO sensual care is formulated with the individual in mind to address a variety of specific needs. From personal lubricants to massage glides, stimulation gels to performance enhancers, all products are designed to improve and enhance sexual experiences.

The exciting lines JO Premium, JO H20, JO H20 Flavors, JO All-in-one and JO- VOLT are now ready to order at Scala Playhouse via

Get inked by Rocks-Off

wk14_Rocksoff-No-logo_400x300Scala Playhouse is proud to introduce its newest supplier: Rocks-Off. The brand combines sleek silhouettes, lustful power and modern aesthetics into a great collection of must-have toys, like the tattoo inspired Rocks-Off Erotic Ink passion bullet range.

The exclusive Lal Hardy Rocks-Off Erotic Ink passion bullet range is designed with your erotic pleasure in mind, designed by the international renowned tattooist Lal Hardy. The golden bullets are special editions of the original 7 speed RO-80mm, the 10 speed RO-100mm and the 10 speed RO-120mm bullets. With the RO-80 mm bullet being Rocks-Off worldwide best-selling product. The 6 special edition bullets in the Erotic Ink Range each feature a unique tattoo inspired design and have tempting names such as ‘Flight of Fantasy’, ‘Deadly Passion’ and ‘Wings of Desire’.

Besides the special edition Erotic Ink designs, the RO-80mm bullets are available in a wide range of colors and patterns, such as the luxurious Precious Golden Power, Purple Python, a Flower Power design and even a Gorgeous Glow in the Dark version; which will light up any bedroom with lust!

Discover the special edition Erotic Ink vibes, the other RO-80mm bullets and the rest of the exciting Rocks-Off assortment today at Scala Playhouse!

Innovation and excitement at the Scala Fair!


The Scala Fair on the 8th and 9th of March was full of innovation and excitement due to the new products and collections presented by Scala Playhouse and its suppliers. The Scala Fair visitors saw the introduction of state-of-the-art USB bullets, tasty drugstore items and beautiful pleasure providers!

The Scala Playhouse showroom was buzzing with excitement about the newest releases. TOYJOY, the brand for fun, playful and great quality adult novelties, presented two new designs in the TOYJOY Designer Edition range: the Hero and the Icon, both luxurious high-quality couple toys that Scala Playhouse expects to be a bit hit with end-users. The brand also introduced its upcoming line iCome by TOYJOY: a collection of plug & play USB bullets with the option of an energy pack and control capsule.

Visitors of the Scala Fair also got the chance to sample the products of various new suppliers, such as Nanma, Baci, System JO and Doreanse. The latter is one of the biggest brands in high-quality; body-safe drugstore items and has several great lines such as System JO Flavors: a collection of flavored lubricants with alluring tastes and names such as Raspberry Sorbet, Watermelon and Peachy Lips.

The new KingCock collection by Pipedream also drew the attention of many visitors, as they were amazed by the great lifelike quality of the toys. Pipedream has certainly paid a lot of attention to detail with the range: each vain on the KingCock dildos is hand-painted. Another range that generated great interest was the new Impress line by California Exotic Novelties, which offers feminine, soft touch vibes in various alluring shapes and sizes – some with USB-rechargeable features.

These are just several of the exciting new and upcoming products and collection presented at the Scala Fair. You can browse all the latest releases online at Scala Playhouse via

‘Let’s Misbehave’ Scala Fair a scandalous success!


The ‘Let’s Misbehave’ themed Scala Fair on the 8th and 9th of March has been a scandalous success! Customers were raving about all the new, innovative products on show and the orders came flooding in – while the Cash & Carry items sold out quickly! 

Scala Playhouse can proudly admit that it definitely adhered to the theme: ‘We Misbehaved!’ The popular Cash & Carry certainly drew in the crowds and with the scandalously good offers it wasn’t a surprise that the products flew off the shelves, correction: flew out of big blue containers.  Of course the Cash & Carry wasn’t the only popular event at the Scala Fair: the various showroom-based games that allowed our customers to win spectacular prizes certainly got drew in a crowd!

The ‘Let’s Misbehave’ theme was in-cooperated in the showroom by naughty references to the seven deadly sins: Vanity was reflected in the exciting photo booth, which many visitors used to shoot a great Scala Fair photo souvenir. Customers enjoyed the ‘drugstore wellness corner’, including luxurious massage-chairs that allowed them to give in to their inner sloth. We feasted – gluttony style – on many delicious treats such as Dutch ‘stroopwafels’ (scrumptious hot caramel waffles) and divine coffee from a barista.

We celebrated old friendships, raised our glasses at new business relationships and misbehaved further at the Scala Fair Party on Sunday evening. The party, themed The Great Gatsby, was perfectly matched to the naughty, misbehaving references of the fair itself. The DJ transported us back to the roaring twenties, while we were being entertained by sensational burlesque acts and indulged in Champagne and snacks that Mr. Gatsby would definitely approve off.

Overall the Scala Fair was a scandalous success and the Scala Playhouse team is already looking forward to welcoming you back during the next Scala Fair on the 6th and 7th of September, 2015!


The first Scala Fair of 2015


The Scala Fair: 8th and 9th of March

The Scala Fair is nearly here and our entire team is extremely eager to make this fair the best one yet. On the 8th and 9th of March we will open the doors to our showroom in Almere from 09:00 AM until 6:00 PM for our ‘Let’s Misbehave’ themed edition. Scala Playhouse definitely intends to misbehave during our upcoming fair and we will be giving very scandalous offers on a lot of our products. The fair will once again host the famous Cash & Carry. We expect items to sell very quickly, so get there early in order not to miss out! There are also many amazing prizes to be won in various events and raffles. A Scala Fair wouldn’t be a Scala Fair without a great party! Therefore, on Sunday night we will take to the dance floor and show of our – sometimes very wooden – Dutch moves. We hope you’ll join us during this festive occasion; ‘Let’s Misbehave’ together!