Feel the heat at the upcoming ‘Tropical Temptations’ Scala Fair!

wk25_pb_ETO_TropicalTemptations_640x400Scala Playhouse is excited to announce the theme of its upcoming Scala Fair on the 6th and 7th of September, 2015. The Almere-based showroom will be transformed into an exotic destination for a very hot and lustful ‘Tropical Temptations’ edition of the Scala Fair.

The ‘Tropical Temptations’ theme will translate into offers which are almost too hot to handle! For two days, and two days only, the showroom will ooze the atmosphere of all kinds of tropical delights. The summer might nearly be over on the 6th and 7th of September, but we are ending it in style with this exotic feast!

What can you expect from the upcoming Scala Fair? Well, we can’t reveal all the details yet, but as always we’ll have our unique Cash & Carry with limited, one-of-a-kind offers. During our last Scala Fair, many Cash & Carry items sold out very quickly, so make sure to get there early in order not to miss out on the best deals. Besides the Cash & Carry, our showroom will feature many other exciting nooks and corners; where we will definitely bring the heat!

More details about the exact times will follow closer to the actual dates. Make sure to reserve the 6th and 7th of September in your agenda for the Scala Fair, and keep an eye on our newsletter and PLAY Magazine for further information. We hope to welcome you there, Tropical Temptation-style!

Can you handle the monster?


Now available in the Renegade collection by NS Novelties: the Monster Meat Long Vibe. This powerful vibrator is not for the faint-hearted; measuring an impressive 30,5 cm (12 inches). Can you handle the monster and its roaring power?

The Monster Meat Long Vibe is a great-quality, smooth and odorless TPR vibrator. The design features two powerful motors: one in the shaft and one at the tip of the vibe, which provide maximum stimulation for the end-user. The Monster Meat Long Vibe has powerful, multispeed vibrations and is available in two colors: royal blue and onyx black.

The exciting new addition to the Renegade collection by NS Novelties is now ready to order at Scala Playhouse. Meet the Monster Meat vibe and the other amazing value designs from the Renegade range online today via www.scalaplayhouse.com.

The new shape of pleasure

wk24_pb_ETO_Calex-SILHOUETTE_640x400The new Silhouette collection by California Exotic Novelties truly embodies the shape of pleasure. The innovative range is now ready to order at Scala Playhouse and will no doubt seduce many consumers with its alluring curves, smooth silicone and stellar power!

The range offers a great selection of premium silicone toys, all USB-rechargeable and with intense incremental speed controls. The ergonomically curved designs are 100% waterproof and come in three alluring colors: bright purple, passionate pink and seductive red.  The collection has all the right curves to hit all your erogenous zones, internally and externally!

Each Silhouette product has luxurious up-scale packaging: a gift-box style that doubles as a keepsake storage box. The packaging has a book-page opening with details about the product features, a magnetic closure and a transparent product preview window.

Discover all the smooth and alluring Silhouette designs by California Exotic Novelties online at Scala Playhouse via www.scalaplayhouse.com.

Introducing the next generation of adult toys: iCome by TOYJOY

wk24_pb_ETO_iCOME_640x400The newest generation of adult toys is now ready to order at Scala Playhouse: meet iCome by TOYJOY, the innovative must-have collection for any gadget-loving, 21st century consumer. Just plug these USB-powered vibes into an outlet and you’re good to go!

The iCome line by TOYJOY combines contemporary design, lustful power and state-of-the-art technology into various sleek toys. The innovative products are plug and play; just connect via USB and enjoy the high-performance vibrations. iCome offers various bullets with the option of a control capsule and additional energy pack, which gives you an extra pleasurable boost. The small and discreet iCome products make the ideal travel companions; they let you connect wherever, whenever you desire! The iCome range is mix and match: collect them all for the ultimate pleasurable sexual gadget experience!

This innovative line extension by TOYJOY is now available at Scala Playhouse. Order your iCome favorites today and let the pleasure iCome to you!

Aphrodisiac and pheromone infused pleasure!

wk24_pb_ETO_Dona-BE-SEXY-GIFTSET-FLIRTY_640x400Add an irresistible twist to your store’s assortment with the unique aphrodisiac and pheromone infused drugstore products from Dona by JO. The new, ready to order range at Scala Playhouse will have any customer lusting with desire.

The Dona by JO products can be divided in three categories: Pamper, Entice and Play. Let’s start with Pamper: “Seduction begins within. Release your inner siren as you treat yourself to luxurious bath products, alluring perfumes and more. You’ll feel so good, you’ll want to be bad!”, the brand states. Included in Pamper are luxurious products such as Bubble Bath, Bath Salt, Pheromone Perfume and Massage Butter.

The Entice category aims to let the imagination take hold. Dona by JO: “Let imagination take hold. Invite passion into the bedroom with lustful aromas, infused lingerie, rose petals and more.” Entice includes Lingerie Wash, Linen Spray and romantic Rose Petals.

The product in the Play category encourage lovers to lose themselves in sensual play: “Draw out your lover’s craving for you with an intimate massage, kissable pleasures and lickable delights”, states the brand. It includes Kissable Massage Oil, Body Paint and scrumptious Body Topping.

The Dona by JO products are available in 3 sensual scents: Flirty Blushing Berry, Sassy Tropical Tease and Naughty Sinful Spring. There are also 6 kissable flavors: Chocolate Mousse, Vanilla Buttercream, Strawberry Soufflé, Maple Sugar, Honeysuckle and Lollipop.

Discover the entire Dona by JO range online at Scala Playhouse via www.scalaplayhouse.com and give your customers the chance to be infused with desire by the seductive products!

The new Pubic Enemy No2 cock cage: electrifyingly good!

wk24_pb_ETO_mystim_Pubic-Enemy_640x400New at Scala Playhouse: the  Pubic Enemy No 2 cock cage by quality brand Mystim. This sleek, transparent case comes with a teasing electrostimulation function, adding an instant spark to your BDSM play. This must-have for BDSM-lovers is now ready to order!

The Pubic Enemy No 2 features n urethral sound and 3 conducting surfaces: left, right and underneath the penis shaft. The various conducting surfaces will make any submissive tingle, twitch and pulsate with burning desire or sinful shame. The design is a must-have novelty for any mistress or master; it comes with a firm lock and key allowing them to take full control.

The transparent cock cage can be individually adjusted in 4 lengths and the diameter in 6 steps, to enable a custom-fit. The urethral sound and conductive surfaces can also be removed (and later re-inserted) to allow usage of the cage without electrostimulation. The Pubic Enemy No 2 comes with an elegant storage case, a detailed instruction manual and an engraved metal lock. A quirky detail: a mistress or mister can insert a personalized name plate into the holder of the cage with the text “hands off, this prisoner belong to … “

The electrifyingly good Pubic Enemy No 2 cock cage by Mystim is now available at Scala Playhouse via www.scalaplayhouse.com.

Get sensual with Swede

wk25_pb_ETO_SWEDE_640x400Spoil your customers with the sensual Senze massage candles by Swede, now ready to order at Scala Playhouse. The candles are made of natural ingredients and have both an alluring aphrodisiac and a skin-nourishing effect. Indulge in massage-bliss and stock up today!

The Senze Massage Candles are a warm, sensual way to seduce a lover. They are made up of a blend of natural waxes, butters, oils and extracts; carefully fragranced for a subtle, yet alluring aroma. There are various different scents, such as Soothing, Blissful, Spiritual, Teasing and Vitalizing. Choose one depending on your mood and enjoy the fragrance of flowers, herbs and fruits it fills the room with. Once liquefied, the Senze formula transforms into a nourishing and hydrating massage-oil with a silky smooth touch.

All the Senze Massage Candles come in beautiful, contemporary 150ml tin and have an average burn time of 36 hours. View all the candles, along with the rest of the Swede drugstore collection, online at Scala Playhouse via www.scalaplayhouse.com.

Sample the new Hero and Icon by TOYJOY Designer Edition!

wk24_pb_ETO_TOYJOY-DE-Hero-Icon_640x400Would you like to receive some samples of the new Hero and Icon couples toys from the luxurious TOYJOY Designer Edition range? Scala Playhouse is providing samples of these unique USB-rechargeable couples toys to its customers, order yours today while stocks last!

The Point Of Sale samples of the Hero and Icon are the perfect way to present these premium silicone toys to your consumers. These two new pleasure providers in the TOYJOY Designer Edition range combine beautiful aesthetics and powerful design into a must-have toy for any customer looking for that ‘something special’.

The Icon massager is as versatile as adult toys get: it is suited for solo play, can be used as a full body massager and makes the perfect couples toy. The design slides around the shaft of the penis during sex to provide clitoral stimulation for her, but that is just one of the many options the Icon offers. The Icon has 3 motors which each offer 4 vibration speeds and 3 pulsation modes.

The Hero is a new innovative type of cock ring. This smart design can please her solo, please him solo, or please them both simultaneously during sex. It can be worn in multiple ways, which means no session is the same. The Hero is as multi-functional as your own imagination. It has a powerful motor with 4 vibration speeds and 3 pulsation modes.

Give your customers a chance to sample the look and feel of the Hero and Icon; get in touch with your Scala Playhouse Account Manager today, as the Hero and Icon samples are only available while stocks last!

PLAY magazine enters the digital age!

wk24_pb_ETO_Play-Magazine-June_640x400PLAY Magazine, Scala Playhouse’s monthly publication with the latest news, interesting editorials and entertaining interviews is entering the digital age. From this month onwards, PLAY will only be available in a digital version, making it your new digital must-read!

Scala Playhouse is excited about the transition from print to digital; and all the new opportunities this new format brings. Trusted readers of PLAY Magazine can still expect the same interesting content, news and features as before, but will be surprised about the new, thrilling extras digital PLAY will offer. For example: readers can voice their opinions in special polls, watch beautiful and interesting product videos and much more!

The best part of the new PLAY digital? You can order all your favorite featured items directly online at Scala Playhouse with just the click of a button! No more scribbling down product numbers; PLAY will instantly redirect you to the product and pricing on the Scala Playhouse website. This saves you time and effort, meaning you’ll have more minutes to enjoy the in-depth interviews PLAY magazine offers.

The first digital edition of PLAY magazine – the June edition – will be downloadable in PDF format; however, Scala Playhouse is working on the launch of the fully interactive version. Keep an eye

Must-have gentleman’s essentials from HOT

wk24_pb_ETO_HOT_640x400Add some must-have gentleman’s essentials to your store’s assortment with the new XXL range by high-quality drugstore brand HOT. The ready to order collection offers a great selection of products that allow him to maximize his assets and enjoy longer, harder, smoother erections.

The new XXL Cream contains an extract of ginkgo and other circulation-promoting ingredients. When applied this cream has a unique effect, nurturing his manhood and allowing him to get extra hard. The XXL Spray is a high-quality skin conditioning power spray. It includes ingredients such as ginsengs and Aloe Vera, which keep his skin subtle and smooth even when his penis is erect and throbbing. The XXL Drops and the XXL Caps are dietary supplements with aphrodisiac extracts and essences such as l-arginine, vitamin C, taurine and zinc; which give the penis a healthy boost! The drops and caps are especially effective when combined with the XXL Spray and Cream.

Discover the entire range of XXL by HOT at Scala Playhouse online via www.scalaplayhouse.com and give your male consumers the chance to boost the endurance, stamina and health of their manhood; while boosting your own sales figures!