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Become a supplier of erotic products

Are you planning to become one of our suppliers of erotic products? Scala Playhouse is always interested in new, innovative products in the erotic branch. The company offers suppliers a premium working relationship that goes beyond transport and delivery. In the past 40 years Scala Playhouse has obtained a strong, leading position within the European erotic industry. The company continues to invest in keeping its position as an industry-leader on a global level. Scala Playhouse is part of the Beate Uhse group, allowing it to profit from an extensive knowledge and experience in regards to the erotic industry. Become a supplier at Scala Playhouse and take advantage of the many interesting business opportunities and advantages Scala Playhouse has to offer.

Working with Scala Playhouse

As a supplier of Scala Playhouse you are more than just a provider of products. You will be working closely with a partner and will get various opportunities to promote your brand awareness and products within the industry; on a B2B level and on B2C level. Would you like to know more about the possibilities of establishing a working relationship with Scala Playhouse? Do not hesitate to contact Scala Playhouse for more details.

Important requirements

There are certain requirements that potential suppliers need to meet in order to be eligible to work with Scala Playhouse. If you feel there are any ambiguities about these requirements, or would like to receive more information, do not hesitate to contact Scala Playhouse.

  • The erotic products have to be immediately available;
  • There are matching marketing materials available (for example: PoS options such as displays, posters or flyers) and you are able to provide high-resolution product images;
  • You are in possession of all the correct product certificates needed to start your collaboration with Scala Playhouse.

What do you need to do?

If you meet the above listed requirements you are eligible to become a supplier at Scala Playhouse. Please fill in the form below to indicate that you are interested in starting a working relationship with Scala Playhouse. You will be contacted shortly after we receive your application.

What happens next?

After your form is received our Scala Playhouse team will contact you to as soon as possible to discuss the next steps.


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